Should deforestation in Brazil continue? 

This afternoon year 4 had to use the facts they had learnt about deforestation in order to create a speech. They acted as a representative from several different companies, so that they could be a part of a public debate! 

They had to stretch their reasoning muscle to explain why they chose a particular solution based on their own opinion upon the evidence and facts. 


Author visit

Year 4 have had a great morning with Hilary Robinson.

Who can remember the answers to these questions? Comment below. Dojo points up for grabs.

Why were cats used in WW1?

What happened if you killed a homing pigeon?

How fast could a homing pigeon fly?

Which stories about a bear began in WW1?



This morning year 4 were given the chance to stretch their meta-learning muscle to plan their diary entries. They decided which methods would help them to plan and finally write a really good diary entry. Some children drew pictures, some wrote lists, some used a senses grid to help them and others used their whiteboards to generate ideas. Although they don’t look the same, EVERYBODY created a really good plan and I can’t wait to read the diary entries on Friday! 

Well done year 4 you are becoming super learners!


Super science

In science year 4 have been grouping & classifying animals. Today we thought about the characteristics of some jungle animals and how they are adapted to live in the jungle habitat. We then invented our own animals with different features. Take a look…