Fantastic First Day Back ! 

Wow !! Year 4 I have been super impressed with how you have come back to school following the Easter break. What great learners you have been today. 

You stretched your imagination muscle when thinking about a character from our text this week “The Freedom Song”, with some great collaboration in numeracy and that’s  not all! this afternoon, year 4 have uncovered an Egyptian pot in the classroom. 

We had to decode the hieroglyphics to see what the message said on the pot.

We then had a go at writing our own messages.  I’m looking forward to decoding them all this week year 4 well done ! 

Mrs Mahoney 😊 


Summer Term almost here !

I hope you are all still having a lovely Easter Break ! Me and Mrs Charlesworth can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things you have done this holiday. 

Our new topic this term will be about Egypt. Here is a copy of the Egyptian homework sheet for you to look at.  Again we will have a competition and prizes for collecting points for the projects you choose ! 

I know that Mrs Charlesworth is getting ready to hand out the prizes from last term too! 

Enjoy the rest of the holidays see you all on Monday. 

Mrs Mahoney 😊 



Year 4 have been working hard collaborating with Mr Ramsgill to piece together some samba music using various instruments. 

They have worked so hard I was super impressed this afternoon when we put all our hard work together to film it. Well done everyone. Huge thanks to Mr Ramsgill for his work with year 4 this term ! 

Video below…. ! 


Yummy Poetry

Year 4 have been stretching their imagination muscle to use descriptive language to write a poem about their shopping list, ready for our banquet on Friday.

We even wrote them up in the shapes of food or party decorations.

All the talk of food made Mrs Mahoney hungry this morning! 

Well done Year 4 😋


Foods of the rainforest!

On Monday year 4 had a go at tasting some foods of the rainforest.

Some foods were enjoyed better than others !! 😀

Well done to everyone for having a taste of everything. 

We tasted coconuts, avocado, ginger, vanilla pods, cashew nuts, sweet corn, sugar cubes, and the water from the coconut too ! 

We also made a bar chart for the most favourite food we tasted no surprises that sugar was their favourite !!! 😁



What does the African elephant use its trunk for? Give three answers.
Their tusks are used to fight, dig, and strip bark off trees.
How many elephants make up a ‘clan’?
A clan is up to 70 indiudal
What do black howler monkeys eat?
Howlers are strict vegetarians, eating only flowers, fruits and leaves.
What is the difference between male and female black howler monkeys?
Male howlers are black, while females are brown.
Roughly how many giant anteaters are left in the wild?
Scientists estimate that there are only 5,000 individuals left in the wild.
Why do jaguars have padded paws?
They use their padded paws to move silently through the forest floor.
Name five things that the jaguar eats.
Jaguars are known to eat more than 85 species of prey, including armadillos, peccaries, capybara, tapir, deer, squirrels, birds and even snails

Why were jaguars killed?
jaguars were killed each year for their beautiful fur.